Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Today's Schoolwork- Tuesday, Febuary 16 2016

I went for a walk with Mom for at least an hour. We walked around in WaWa's and then sat in Giant to eat a Slushie (also called an Icee), and then walked around in Giant for a bit. I finished the first semester and second quarter of my history book Mystery of History.

 I read what the author of Mystery of History said about how to use the book and wrote down what I was and wasn't doing in the textbook and discussed them with Mom while walking and in Giant. We had some discussions about life.

I hit my step goal (currently 7,500, but it was 5,000 only about two weeks ago) and even went over it and spent awhile reading about Fitbits and health benefits of using one and managed to reset mine, fixing some issues I had.

I started writing a paper on memories and specific songs and what they mean to me. I read a little bit in the Amazing Book and reread few the old books. I also worked on organizing and cleaning my room. I found a bunch of school papers and notebooks, searched though them all, and ended up spending a while reading some stories and unfinished one shots I had written and mentally correcting mistakes and reconstructing sentences in my head.

I watched the next episode of Shadowhunters as well.

P.E./Exercise- an hour and twenty minutes.
History- one hour.
Lifeskills- discussions with Mom- one hour
Reading- two hours
English/Writing- one hour

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