Saturday, February 6, 2016


Hey! My name is Leanna. I am fourteen years old. I wanted to start a blog like this because i can only find a few blogs by homeschooled teens. If anyone knows of any, please link me!

I'm an avid reader. I'm in many, many, many fandoms, including the Mortal Instruments, Percy Jackson, the Divergent trilogy, the Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Glee, Shadowhunters (the new 2016 show; it's amazing!), Tyler Oakley, Youtubers, the Phandom (we're everywhere!) Dalton Rapattoni, Sophie Rapattoni, the Hush Hush series, M.I.High, Class of the Titans, the 39 Clues, and the Kane Chronicles.

I love many singers and bands, including Adam Lambert, Troye Sivan, Selena Gomez, Demi Lavato, Pentatonix, Fly Away Hero, IM5, Dyer. St. Band, Dalton Rapattoni, Sophie Rapattoni, Panic! At the Disco, Sleeping With Sirens, Twenty One Pilots, Marina and the Diamonds, Lana del Ray, Jena Irene, Tristin MacIntosh, Emi;y Brook, Quentin Alexander, Jax, Nick Fradiani (who recently followed me on Twitter!!), the Script, and the Fray.

I write fiction and fanfiction stories on,,, and several other places. I can be found on Wattpad and FictionPress as Lindsey7618 and FF.N as Lindsey7617AwesomeasPercabeth. I am on Twitter as MalecPJGlambert. My Kik is Lindsey7618. I am also on Tumbrl. My gmail is

I will try to post regularly, but probably nopt every day- I have enough trouble trying to update my stories even once a mopnth, lol. I have over fifty, not including unposted things.

Thank you!
Linds.(my nickname.)

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