Thursday, March 10, 2016

Science Notebooking Pages

Hey! As promised, here is the list of elementary/middle school notebooking pages. These are free and from the Notebooking Fairy as well. A lot of them can be used for tweens and teens too. Of course, every teen has their own opinion and some may consider them to babyish (I. as a teen, think they might be a bit iffy, but I'm okay with using them. I usually just use regular notebook paper, however.)

This list is just for science. I'll post a list for other subjects later.

 Science: (

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Wednesday, Febuary 17 2016

Today I walked with Jacob and Timmy halfway to Dollar General. Timothy continued by himself and Jacob and I went for a walk/run for about ten minutes. We paused at our house again to catch our breaths and Jacob looked through my rocks and minerals book. We went back down to DG to pick Timmy up and I raced them home (I won, too). I did some reading. I helped with supper and made mashed potatoes.

I helped Jacob with school (math). I caught up on reading a lot of fanfics on I did some writing and organizing in my room.

Free Notebooking Pages

Hey! I've compiled a list of good free notebooking pages for tweens and teens from the Notebooking Fairy. I'll include a link to her blog below. You should really check it out. Her pages are free and she has amazing pages! I'll post some pages for kids later.

Disclaimer: I do not own these files, they belong to

The Notebooking Fairy:





Poetic forms notebooking pages: